Experienced Based Hiring Opportunites - Layoffs Edition

March'24 - Issue #50

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Our 50th issue of TSC will be dedicated to folks impacted by Layoffs and who have good experience of working in the industry. Due to recent layoffs, many good folks are now looking for jobs.

From Career Page

Appwrite Hiring for Developer Advocate, Full Stack Engineer, Dream Job.

Daytona Hiring for Software Engineers, Product Managers, Technical Writers.

Supabase Hiring for Growth, SRE, Support and Future Roles.

Sourcegraph Hiring for ML, PM and Developer Advocate Roles.

ElevenLabs Hiring for Engineering and Growth Teams.

Anthropic Hiring for Various roles across category.

Linear Hiring for Senior roles in engineering, design and branding in EU.

Storyblok Hiring for Marketing and Product.

AWS Hiring for Senior Developer Advocate in Japan.

Clerk Hiring for Software Roles.

Mercury Hiring for Various roles across category.

Vercel Hiring for Senior Developer Advocate

Outsystems Hiring for Marketing and Engineering Roles

Xata Hiring Technical Writer

GitLab Hiring for Senior Technical Writer and other Roles.

Before moving ahead, a small request! 💙

I have been writing this newsletter for the past 1 year to help job seekers, mainly freshers. You can read my older Issue for reference!

If you're in the position to refer or hire folks in your team, drop a DM on {dm.new/anand} and I will share the opportunity with my network.

From Network

More Resources

For Freshers

Appleute hiring SDE Intern

Intel hiring Data Engineering Intern

ENTNT hiring Junior Software Engineer

PhonePe hiring Software Engineer

Amazon hiring SDE I

AI Planet looking for DevRel Intern

Sukriya🙏🏼 See You Again Next Week! Till Then Keep Learning and Hustling.

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